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Welcome to Hill Country Integrative Medicine

At Hill Country Integrative Medicine, we believe in a patient-centered approach that focuses on finding the root cause of an individual's health challenges. We utilize the latest, evidence-based therapies, standard and specialized lab testing, and work collaboratively with each patient to develop a plan and work towards optimizing health.

Our Practitioners

Dr. Christa O'Leary, D.O. – Dr. O'Leary received her initial board certification in Family Medicine after completing residency at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple. She completed additional board certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She has been in practice for 20 years.

Dr. Tara Boyd, ND - Dr. Boyd has a passion for tackling the toughest cases head-on. She spent over 10 years serving clients through massage/body work and counseling. She knows that no single approach is right for every individual so has been trained in a wide range of modalities. No matter the person or pathology that walks through the door, her goal is simple, to educate and empower patients to find lifelong health and vitality. 

Charity Lawson CN, MS – Clinical Nutritionist - Charity has been seeing clients at HCIM since 2018. She received her Masters in Human Nutrition through the functional medicine nutrition program at the University of Bridgeport. She has extensive knowledge in understanding how nutrition, diet, and lifestyle impact health.

  • What is integrative medicine?
    Integrative medicine emphasizes a holistic, patient-focused approach to health care and wellness. This involves treating the whole person rather than focusing on a particular organ system. Rather than match symptoms to a pharmaceutical drug, we look for the underlying root cause.
  • What types of patients benefit most from an integrative approach?
    We work with patients of all ages in a variety of health circumstances. Some patients come with serious health challenges and multiple chronic conditions. Other patients are relatively healthy and are proactively seeking to optimize their health now and as they age.
  • What should I expect at my first visit?
    At the first visit, you will spend approximately 60 minutes with the practitioner. She will thoroughly review your medical history, assess your current health, discuss any challenges you are facing, and develop a plan to meet the goals you have for your health.
  • What unique services do you offer?
    In addition to specialized lab testing, we offer IV nutritional therapy, prolotherapy joint and soft tissue injections, personalized nutritional counseling, full-spectrum infrared sauna,, weight loss, and genetic counseling.
  • What type of labs do you draw?
    Integrative Healthcare is personalized, therefore there is no “one-size-fits-all” series of labs we draw for every patient. We use Clinical Pathology Labs for standard labwork. For patients who have insurance that covers labwork, CPL can bill the insurance company. For selfpay patients or those with high deductibles, we have negotiated affordable self-pay prices (lab price list available upon request). We also offer specialized lab testing for patients including Spectracell Micronutrient Test, Food Sensitivity testing, advanced hormone testing, Organic Acid testing, and more.
  • Is integrative health more expensive than a conventional medicine approach?
    Because patients pay out of pocket, it may feel as though it is more expensive than conventional medicine. However, if one looks at actual costs, integrative medicine is more cost-effective than conventional approach which may include a lifetime of prescription medicine, surgical intervention, etc. We work with patients on a budget to prioritize spending on labwork that gives the most “bang for buck” in terms of actionable diagnostic information.
  • Do you prescribe pharmaceutical drugs?
    Yes. Pharmaceutical drugs have their place in an integrative approach to health. A difference between standard medicine and an integrative approach is that prescription drugs are not our only tool, nor will they necessarily be the first option we use.
  • What about Nutritional Supplements?
    Our philosophy is founded on the goal of supporting the body's innate ability to heal. When seeking the root cause of an issue at the cellular or biochemical level, it is important to understand what the body needs in terms of vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids, etc. Since supplements are not regulated, it is important to choose reliable brands. We recommend quality, pharmaceutical-grade products available to purchase in the clinic or online.
  • Why don't you accept health insurance?
    We believe that decisions about your healthcare should be made by you in collaboration with your provider without the influence of commercial or government insurance companies. Insurance policies often do not reimburse for the amount of time we spend with patients. Insurance also does not usually reimburse many of the therapies we offer our patients.
  • Are there patients who would not benefit from an integrative approach to health?
    Yes! If you are looking for a quick fix or a “magic pill” to fix your health problems without effort on your part, you will not be a good fit for this clinic. Chronic health conditions do not develop overnight and consequently the return to better health is not always quick. Sometimes patients see improvement quickly, but often the journey toward optimal health requires time, effort, and commitment.
  • What policies should I be aware of?
    A complete list of practice policies as well as our fee schedule is included in the New Patient Packet.
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