Tools for Battling the Bulge

The season of summer is a great time to get in shape and maximize your energy stores for all the fun activities it brings. Swimming, vacation adventures, and social gatherings should not be something that brings frustration in how we look in the family pictures, disappointment our clothes are too tight, nor avoidance of events because we are just too tired!

At HCIM we understand how difficult it is to keep off excess weight and maintain high energy levels. So we are always studying and looking for safe, effective tools to help all of us achieve these goals.

Here's a list of the current tools that are available to our patients in achieving a healthier, energetic body.

1. Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

This is is a comprehensive ketogenic (fat burning) weight loss program that includes weekly counseling, medical foods, and education on maintaining weight loss once goals are met. It is ideal for those who are busy, need weight off quickly, and who need support in the struggle of weight loss.

Come learn more about the program from Dr. O'Leary and health coach, Kim. Every Thursday at noon we have an informational class on weight loss and Ideal Protein. Bring a do not have to be a current patient of Dr. O'Leary to participate in Ideal Protein. Don't miss our Race to 50 promotion! In honor of our new health coach, Kim, we are giving the 1st 50 dieters to join 50% off the enrollment package! So save money while you lose pounds now!

2. Weight Loss shots and IVs

Dr. O'Leary has trained in the use of nutritional injections and intravenous therapies and we have recipes that are helpful for weight loss and energy, among other protocols for various conditions. The benefit of the shots and the IVs are that they bypass intestinal absorption issues many of us have, and supply nutrients right to the cells directly through the bloodstream. We can improve metabolism, energy and detoxification by supplying the body the nutrients it needs to take care of itself at a cellular level.

3. Supplements, Herbs, and Essential Oils

We also have a variety of nutritional products, such as the herbs garcinia & coleus, or the Slim&Sassy essential oil and chewing gum, or amino acids such as inositol for cravings, that are taken by mouth to complement a weight loss diet plan. We study and choose only the highest quality products with the best results.

4. Individual WorkUp for Metabolism

There are many of us who work hard to exercise and eat healthy food and we still cannot lose weight. This is becoming an epidemic in our country and much of it is due to the environmental burden of toxic substances that our bodies have to handle. We are equipped to help you uncover what is driving your metabolism issues with advanced cellular nutritional testing, state of the art hormone testing and neurotransmitter testing for those who use food or drink to cope with mood disorders. Many of us need to work on improving our intestinal tract and the microbes that reside there, as this is the root cause of most of our modern diseases and conditions. We also offer personal nutritional genetic testing to help you see the blueprint of your DNA and how that affects your health. So if you feel you are in this category, please make an appointment and begin the journey to find out what is the root cause that is keeping your from your health goals.

5. Emotional and Spiritual Support

At HCIM, we believe that health involves the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. We have Mrs. Karen Robertson who provides biofeedback services to help unlock emotional roadblocks using computerized electrical equipment. This process helps us develop an awareness and control over emotions, thoughts and behaviors that have affected our physical state. Many times our subconscious is controlling our physical nature and we are completely unaware it's happening. It is helpful for many diseases and has numerous studies proving its efficacy. We also have Chris Breen, professional life coach, who is available for individual and couple counseling. Chris provides insight, communication tools and programs for building a joy-filled life.

We invited you to reflect on these thoughts and tools and if you or someone you know is struggling with these issues, please invite them to join our team for help and support. There is no one time magic pill, shot, IV, counseling or biofeedback session, but there is a path that leads to your success & goals and we are ready to help you on that journey.

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." ~William Faulkner

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