Holiday Weight Management Tips

Don't wait (until January) to manage your weight! While the holidays are a challenging time to stick to a healthy eating regimen, it can be done and will be easier if you use these strategies.

Plan what you will eat prior to any event, party, or feast. Those who have a commitment to limit their sweets, alcohol, or portions are more successful. Visualize appropriate serving sizes: golf ball, deck of cards.

Eat veggies, protein and healthy fats while avoiding sugars and simple carbohydrates. Shrimp, nuts, deli meats and lots of vegetables are much better choices than crackers, chips, pretzels, breads or desserts. Fat and protein make you feel fuller.

Commit to a drink of water after each bite of food. This will help you slow your eating and feel fuller. Increase total water intake during the day - often we perceive thirst as hunger. Try eight ounces of cold water before you eat the next time you think you are hungry.

Beware of alcohol. Alcohol not only adds calories but dulls the power to resist eating foods you know you shouldn't. If you are going to consume alcohol, have a planned limit and treat it as your dessert. Once you reach the limit, drink water.

Weigh everyday. Those who make their health a priority and monitor it everyday are more successful. Renew your efforts on days when your weight creeps up more than two pounds.

Begin with 20-30 grams of protein for breakfast. This will stabilize insulin and improve metabolism.

Avoid all sodas, juices and drinks with more than 8 grams of sugar. Read labels or just drink water.

Your quality of health and length of life are directly affected by your weight. Focus on the positive (time with friends and family, meaningful and interesting conversations) rather than what you are going without. You have a choice -- live well!

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