Welcome to the Exciting Field of Genomics!

Ever wonder why your weight is vastly different from your friend’s but you eat very similarly?  Or why do you have diabetes and your neighbor does not despite poor eating habits?  What about the differences we see in how we tolerate stressful events?

All of these questions are influenced by our unique genetic variations.

Some people feel doomed to walk the path of their family history with its assortment of diseases.   But that need not happen!  

DNA influences everything and determines nothing!  Our genes can be altered, for the better or the worse, by all kinds of factors, many which we can influence, such as:

  • nutrient deficiencies or excesses
    (SAD Diet, aka Standard American Diet....during crucial developmental stages: in utero and early childhood)

  • dietary components

  • FOOD IS MEDICINE   (e.g., omega-3 fats, phytoestrogens, cruciferous vegetables, lycopene, folate, caroteniods)

  • sunlight and Vitamin D

  • toxins (industrial chemicals, pesticides--Roundup, heavy metals, etc.)

  • Dr. O recommends viewing documentary, “10 Americans

  • bacteria and viruses

  • exercise and stress reduction with meditation or prayer

  • alcohol and other drugs, including pharmaceuticals

  • circadian rhythms (such as sleep, shift work, and travel)

  • and a host of other factors we probably don’t even know about yet


Analysis of your DNA profile provides a roadmap that shows where careful attention is needed through modifications in lifestyle, nutrition and possibly medications to reduce the risk of potential diseases.  New research is emerging daily.  Genetic assessment  provides personalized insight to many health conditions  that previously could not be explained. Most importantly, it can give you motivation to make changes in your diet, exercise regimen and how you manage stress.

Call to begin the Journey into understanding your genes!   

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